Welcome Home!

Thank you for taking time to check things out. We truly hope that you and your family will come for a visit soon, and see everything first hand. SkyPointe is very friendly and welcoming. We believe that God's best is right around the corner for YOU. 

There is nothing more wonderful that being in the presence of God and God's people. We look forward to the day when we can meet in person. 

- The SkyPointe Family


SKYPOINTE CHURCH is a church committed to welcoming everyone with open arms.  We strive to help every person that walks through our doors to FIND GOD and their GOD GIVEN PURPOSE in life. 

Come visit us on Sundays at 9:30AM for our weekly community breakfast.  


SKYPOINTE is a warm, casual environment where a live band leads us in worshiping God, and you'll hear a practical, biblical message from our teaching team. We hope to serve you soon! 

  • 9:30am breakfast

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  • 10:30am church

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  • What kind of church is this?

    At SkyPointe we LOVE God, we LOVE the Bible, we LOVE people, we LOVE our city, we LOVE the nations of the world, and we have a lot of fun at the same time. 

    Skypointe is affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Even though we are an Assemblies of God church, you do not have to be a member of the Assemblies of God to attend Skypointe Church.

    We exist for one reason: Helping People Find God and Their God Given Purpose In Life. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of then Skypointe is for you!

  • what should i wear to church?

    Please wear whatever is most comfortable for you. We believe that church should never be turned into a fashion show. If you want to dress up in your "Sunday Best" then thats fine, but if you want to arrive in shorts and a t-shirt...that is fine too. 

    Please come and be yourself. We are more concerned with what is going on in someone's heart than what they wear on the outside. 

  • do you have programs for my kids?

    At SKYPOINTE CHURCH we LOVE KIDS, and we believe in the next generation of young people in our City.

    WHO: Infants through 5th-graders

    WHAT: Every Sunday morning kids of all ages gather at Skypointe for programs that are fun and encouraging for them. With worship, skits, dramatic Bible stories, music, movement, object lessons, games, crafts, and more YOUR CHILD will learn about God in a fun and exciting way!

    WHERE: Follow the signs to the kids area as you enter through our main doors. A greeter will be there to help register your child. If you have any questions, one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to assist you. 

  • will i be welcome here?

    When you arrive at Skypointe for the first time you will see every color of skin and every kind of person that you can just about imagine. We are not a "black church" or a "white church" or any other "kind" of church. 

    EVERYONE is welcome and as you will see...

    EVERYONE is comfortable at Skypointe. 

  • Do you have meetings throughout the week?

    YES! We have several "Life Groups" that meet throughout the week in different places around the greater Wilmington area. 


  • where should i park?

    There are 3 different parking options.

    1. Our main parking lot is located on 807 N. Union Street.
    2. Free street parking is conveniently located all around our location if the main lot happens to be full.
    3. Overflow parking can be found at the Woodlawn Library directly behind our facility at Bancroft Parkway. 
  • what if i don't believe exactly like you do?

    We are not afraid of questions? 

    This may surprise you, but we actually encourage what we call "healthy doubt". Health Doubt is the kind of doubt that sparks curiosity and study. We love questions, because questions show that you are on a journey of discovery. Unhealthy doubt is the kind of doubt that shuts a person down and cripples them from growing and experiencing something new. 

    We already understand that when you come to SkyPointe, you are also bringing with you your questions and experiences....and that's okay. 

    Come ready to learn, and so will we! 

  • are you going to EMBARRASS me? 

    We promise the following...

    1. We will not call you out in front of everybody.
    2. We will not make you stand up and share your name and tell everyone where you are from.
    3. We will not force you to sign anything nor divulge your your personal information.
    It is our hope that you will feel completely welcome at our church. The last thing we want to do is make your first visit a bad one. We want you to come back again!