Learning to follow

Two great moments in our lives are when we are born and when we discover why we were born. We were created for a reason—a divine purpose. Our lives are not accidents of fate. God has a personal plan for each of us. His purpose in our lives can only be accomplished because of Jesus Christ. 

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Spending Time With God

Some call it "devotions." Others call it "quiet time." Still others refer to it as "feeding my spirit." No matter what you call it, it's important to do it. But how? There are many good resources available to help. Why not start with the helpful guide, Your First Steps to Spiritual Growth?

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Use these helpful resources to learn and grow in your prayer times.

Why should I keep on praying when it seems like my prayers are not answered?

Keep On Praying

How to Pray for Missionaries

How to Pray for Missionaries


Many people believe that Jesus lived, that he was a good teacher and that he was a very spiritual man, but they deny that he is God.  A diluted Jesus is not the real Jesus

Here are seven declarations and actions of Jesus that show us who He believed He was and is: 

  1. Jesus said He was God - (Matt. 26:63-65)
  2. Jesus said He came from heaven, God's eternal dwelling place - (Jn. 6:38)
  3. Jesus said He was sinless, as God alone is without sin - (Jn. 8:46)
  4. Jesus forgave sin - (Mk. 2:5)
  5. Jesus said He was the only way to heaven - (Jn. 14:6) 6
  6. Jesus accepted worship as God - (Matt. 14:33)
  7. Jesus performed miracles - (Matt. 17:18)


At Skypointe Church we believe that EVERY Christian should follow the example of Jesus Christ in water baptism. 

We make it so much fun as we celebrate what God has done in your life!

Please take a moment to READ THROUGH this entire brochure as it contains important information as well as answers to the most common questions regarding water baptism.

2017 Water Baptism Sundays: 4th Sunday of Every Month